About Global Doctors Hospital

Global Doctors Hospital commenced its operations in 2009 wherein a multi-disciplinary, multi-levelled, specialist centre was established. The hospital was granted its full hospital license, by the Malaysian Ministry of Health, in 2013. The hospital is privileged to be the community health care facility in the Mont Kiara region; with a community that also expands into Damansara, greater Petaling Jaya and beyond. The hospital has a team of well-respected, reputable doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals.

Our well trained and highly experienced specialists, doctors, nurses and paramedics work closely together in order to deliver excellent healthcare solutions with the most effective and appropriate treatment plans for patients, conforming to international quality and practice standard that are recognized and accepted globally.

Global Doctors Hospital attracts a large number of expatriate clientele due to its strategic location in the heart of Klang Valley. Consequently, our motto: “Global in Reach, Local in Care”, is at the epicentre of the philosophy of our care.

We passionately believe in the concept of prevention before cure, and, is thus, a spirited advocator of “Health is Wealth”. At Global Doctors Hospital, we offer a selection of preventive healthcare solutions and services for clients.

In line with our commitment as the community hospital, Global Doctors Hospital engages in various activities which educate and motivate the neighbourhood to be actively involved in their healthcare.

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”

— Hippocrates

Our Vision & Our Mission

To make a positive impact and improve the quality of lives by providing the best in healthcare services. We are determined to be a medical provider of choice, delivering quality healthcare services backed by strong core values of professionalism, compassion, integrity and good governance.


Our Corporate Commitments

  1. To apply professional excellence in providing comprehensive emergency medical services, guided by international standards.
  2. To exceed clients’ and patients’ expectations by providing ethical medical service in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  3. To recognize every staff member as a valued partner who plays an important role in sustainable growth and profitability; towards the success of the hospital.
  4. To contribute positively to the wellness of the community that we service – through activities that promote healthy living, as well as the prevention of environmental abuse.


    1. Members of the Global Doctors Alliance.
    2. Temos certificate first accredited in 2014 current certification from 2015
    3. Institutional Member of the International Society for Quality in Health Care (2018)
    4. Awarded by the diplomatic council – in 2015

Environmental Policy

Global Doctors Hospital recognizes its responsibility to the environment and is commited to implementing sound environmental practices throughout its business processes.


This includes:

    1. Responsible consumption and management of resources.
    2. Efficient management and disposal of wastes and biohazards.
    3. Continuous improvements on practices and internal protocols by conducting periodical assessments and reviews.
    4. The provision of adequate resources and training for personnel, to improve skills and knowledge to carry out the relevant responsibilities to uphold good environmental practices.
    5. Working in collaboration with necessary stakeholders to reduce environmental externalities and to maintain good environmental stewardship.

This policy is to be reviewed every two (2) years or earlier depending on necessity. This policy shall govern the conduct of all Global Doctors Hospital personnel, including its Board of Directors, Senior Management, employees and those under a contractual obligation with the organization.

Sustainability Statement

In support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are uniting our global resources towards identified goals. Along these lines, we are working to map our Sustainability Efforts and outcomes against the SDGs.


This includes:

    1. Global Doctors Hospital commits to ingrain sustainability within our core business to further enable social, environmental, economic and governance advances.
    2. With our main focus on SDG 3 to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages, we established our Vaccine Centre in Mont’ Kiara & Setia Alam to accelerate vaccination in the community as it is one of the most successful and cost-effective health intervention.
    3. Progress has been made especially on tackling the non-communicable diseases, mental health and environmental risks issues, not only to Malaysians but also global citizens as a whole. Our development of the goals also includes the Global Doctors Alliance, and as part of SDG3.9c target, the Pacific Islands Overseas Referral Network. Leaving no one behind, we have also stretched our service to refugees registered with UNHCR in Malaysia.


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