“You Don’t Have To Struggle In Silence.”

— Demi Lavato

About This Department

Mental health encompasses emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and behave. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health is “… a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities can cope with the normal stresses of life can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to contribute to his or her community.”

At Global Doctors, we believe that with proper early intervention, medication and/or psychological aid, we can improve any situation.



  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • Substance abuse, drug and alcohol intervention
  • Prescription of medication (if needed)
  • Medico-legal reports
  • Old age neuropsychiatric assessment and intervention
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Difficulties
  • Clinical Psychology (High risk behaviours in children)
  • Clinical Psychology (Working with parents)
  • Clinical Psychology (Working with victims and perpetrators of violence, abuse)
  • Psychotherapy

Useful info and health tips

Treat yourself with kindness and respect, and avoid self-criticism. Make time for your hobbies and favorite projects, or broaden your horizons. Do a daily crossword puzzle, plant a garden, take dance lessons, learn to play an instrument or become fluent in another language.

Surround yourself with good people

People with strong family or social connections are generally healthier than those who lack a support network. Make plans with supportive family members and friends, or seek out activities where you can meet new people, such as a club, class or support group.

Learn how to deal with stress

Like it or not, stress is a part of life. Practice good coping skills: Try One-Minute Stress Strategies, do Tai Chi, exercise, take a nature walk, play with your pet or try journal writing as a stress reducer. Also, remember to smile and see the humor in life. Research shows that laughter can boost your immune system, ease pain, relax your body and reduce stress.

Quiet your mind

Try meditating, Mindfulness and/or prayer. Relaxation exercises and prayer can improve your state of mind and outlook on life. In fact, research shows that meditation may help you feel calm and enhance the effects of therapy. To get connected, see spiritual resources on Personal Well-being for Students

Head Clinician

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Andrew Mohanraj

    MBBS (Callout) MPM (Malaya), Fellowship in Community Psych (Melbourne), AM (Malaysia), IARC Psych (UK)

Dr. Cassandra Aasmundsen-Fry

    Psy.D Licensed Clinical Psychologist, MindWell Sdn Bhd

Dr. Lâle Merlet

    PhD, Registered Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist (Adult and Child)

Cheryl Chin Yi Fen

    Licensed and Registered Mental Health Counsellor with Board of Counsellor Malaysia (KB, PA), Professional Member of Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy, Clinical Member of Malaysian Marriage and Family Therapy Association.

03-2303 9911


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